Need to get rid of some of that debt?

Here’s some great tips

First be honest with yourself, the real reason why you’re where you are then make a plan to get out of it. I know this sounds easy but it can be complicated but you have to start somewhere.
Prioritize your expenses. Its always housing first, transportation second, utilities, third, your food and your necessary medical expenses.

Pay of the balance on the credit card with the highest interest rate first. Unless the balance on any card exceeds 50% of your credit limit. If you can, pay more than the minimum monthly payment. If you can afford only the minimum divide it in half and pay that amount every two weeks. These micropayments will reduce your balance and hence, the interest you pay each month.

Avoid borrowing money to get out of debt, especially consolidation loans. You could end up loosing everything because you’ve tied it all up in one loan. Also if you are paying down debt to purchase a home do not take out new credit! This may reflect negatively on your application. Never take out new credit for the furniture and all the nice things you want to put in your new home till the deal closes. Many people have had deals fall through because of last minute credit reports.. don’t let that happen to you!

A neat website for help resisting the urge to spurge. shows you how much you could save by instead using the money to pay down your credit-card debt and it is an eye opener. The tool from this website estimates what it would cost you to pay off your current credit card balances including interest charges. Then it calculates how that cost would decrease if you put the money your thinking of spending toward your balance instead of toward that new gadget or getaway.

And finally Good Luck

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