Have A Green Christmas!

Countdown to Christmas only 14 days left!

Green Giving 101:

Are you hoping to share some “green” holiday cheer this year? Here are some ideas to consider:

Give a consumable gift

Organic teas, fair trade coffee, fresh flowers, fresh or dried fruits and nuts all make great gifts.

Share your time and attention

Offer to baby-sit, pet-sit, house-sit, deliver home cooked meals or help clean.

Give a gift where it is needed

Make a friend smile when they get a card describing the child in another part of the world whose life will be improved by the gift on their behalf. There are several wonderful websites offering charitable gift opportunities, including: http://www.heifer.org and http://www.charitygiftcertificates.org.

Creative gifts show you care

The baby sweater or cozy scarf you knit yourself or is more likely to become a family heirloom, extending the life cycle of the materials in your gift.

Buy a local gift

A gift made or grown locally can tell a story or share a unique product you have discovered on your own stomping grounds.

Use packaging that will not go to waste. Your packaging may be part of the gift itself, such as wrapping the gift in a scarf or enclosing it in a box that can be reused for collecting life’s odds and ends. Reusable wrapping, such as a gift bag, will pass on the fun.

Happy Holidays!


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