>Its Spring!!


Yeah! I am so glad and  looking forward to warmer days, hopefully soon. April is also a great time to get some maintenance done around your home. Here are a few ideas.
Ø  Replace your furnace filters. There pretty dirty after winter.
Ø  Check all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries if needed.
Ø  Have your fireplace and chimney cleaned and serviced
Ø  Clean the windows and screens and repair any holes in screens or replace if needed.
Ø  Check for condensation or water around the windows and underneath faucets
Ø  Check the attic for evidence of leaks or condensation.
Ø  Clean stove top fan and hood. It gets used a lot in the winter months and probably has accumulated grease and other icky gunk.
Ø  Spend a day checking your roof for winter damage. Also, check fences, carports and sheds.  We had some pretty hefty wind storms this year.
Ø  Clean out gutters
Ø  Aerate, thatch and fertilize your yard
Ø  Be sure the air vents inside and out are not blocked by fallen debris.
Ø  Check for water under your house. With all the recent heavy rain you’ll want to see if there is any water that has accumulated.
Ø  Check your foundation walls for cracks, leaks or signs of moisture and repair as needed.
Ø  Finally get the barbeque cleaned up, checked for any problems, fill up the tank and cook up a good steak! You deserve it after all the work you’ve done.
Peace of mind will help you to enjoy the spring and hopefully get you ready for a wonderful summer. 

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