Great Moving Tips

Quick Tips for an Easier Move
·         Label all your boxes as to which room they go in, which order they should be unpacked and what is inside them.
·         Label one or two boxes “essential” and pack them with soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, prescription pils, snacks, etc. Take this box with you or pack it last.
·         Save up newspapers a month in advance as they make great packing paper for anything fragile.
·         If you want to save a few bucks, try going to supermarkets and liquor stores and using their boxes for packing up your home… there free!
·         Plates and records should always be packed vertically rather than places flat on top of one another.
·         Keep the weight of your boxes low. You will be lifting them all day long. If possible, pack heavy items in smaller boxes, which makes them easier to carry.
·         Towels, sheets, blankets and even clothes are great to pack around and between breakable objects. Using them to pack will also spare you time in having to pack them separately.
Go to  and sign up for their moving planner. It’s easy. Enter in your move date and email address and Monster will email you tips weekly on what you should be doing. They have advice, articles, search engines for moving companies and rental trucks, as well as tons of information on moving costs, real estate mortgage and storage. Most of these tips were found on this great website and there are many more to help you on our way!

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