Getting to Sold!

Getting to Sold! Top 5 Elements of ‘Must-See’ Properties

Price, location, and square footage are crucial when selling a property. Beyond that, however, you can focus on these top 5 listing elements to turn your listing into a “must-see” property.

#1: Digitally Friendly Listing

Plenty of quality photos and a complete description that focus on the popular aspects of your listing are required. The Internet is your real 24/7 Open House opportunity. Use it wisely.

#2: Drop the Hysterics

It’s not the “MOST INCREDIBLE ALL-STAINLESS-STEEL kitchen!!!” It’s a “warm, modern kitchen perfect for family celebrations.” Lead with believable emotional benefits and descriptions, not hyperbole.

#3 Well-Maintained From Curb to Kitchen

Curb appeal starts the process and the kitchen seals the deal. Modernize flooring, update countertops, and liven up the entry foyer. Make sure the little repairs get done.

#4 World-Class Staging

Tasteful staging helps set the mood and lets buyers easily see themselves in the home. Having buyers imagine themselves there is a sure-fire closing move.

#5 Move-In Ready

Doesn’t move-in ready with fresh paint inside and out sound wonderful? It does to buyers too. Avoid over-updating, but paint can work miracles, so paint!

The Real Work Happens Before They Visit. You must make a great first impression. It starts online, follows to the curb appeal, and ends in the kitchen.

Try following these tips so you are posting that “Sold!” sign on your “must-see” property sooner.

This article was shared from Vicki Flaugher  who is a former real estate agent now specializing in digital marketing and social media strategy. She was listed on in 2011 as a Top 50 Social Media Influencer and is a self-described Twitter freak.

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