Protect Yourself This Holiday Season and Beyond

We all love going home at the end of the day to a place we feel safe. Yet, residential homes are often the target of burglary, theft and other crimes. Statistically there are over 8000 reported home invasions each and every day across North America. Luckily, there are a number of measures you can take to help keep your home and valuables secure when you are at home or away.

Secure the Yard with a Fence –  A fence and locked gate are two simple ways to prevent your home from looking like a target. These tactical deterrents add an important obstacle for thieves to overcome, and burglars will avoid homes with these basic security features. Fences can also add privacy to your backyard, and keep children and pets in one place as they play. Many fencing options are both attractive and secure, so you don’t need to worry about creating a “fortress” appearance around your home.
Secure Lighting- Lighting is a basic but important burglary deterrent. Indoor and outdoor lights can thwart would-be thieves by creating the illusion that the house is occupied when you are not home, and by minimizing the number of places for burglars to hide at night. Keep your yard well lit with motion-detecting lights and put several interior lights on a programmable timer when you are away.
Secure Garage  – Garages are a favorite target for thieves because they contain easy to sell valuables like bicycles, tools and cars. Garages can also provide easy access into the home unless precautions are taken. Installing garage door openers will make access much more difficult, but it’s also important to keep all garage windows and access doors securely locked. Look into installing tempered glass in windows, or covering the inside of the windows with a sheet of durable Plexiglas. You might also consider fastening a padlock and hasp on the interior access door when you leave for extended periods of time.
Secure Entrances  – Make a thorough evaluation of the entry points to your home. Make sure all doors have a secure lock and reinforce the door frames. Windows should be closed and locked at all times when you are away. You can also look into glass alternatives that are harder to break or cut.
The Right Alarm System  There are numerous variables and systems of monitoring, so research should be invested to find the perfect system that will works for your home and your budget. I am attaching one of those offers that I give to clients. You get a great system and a bonus too. Dont forget to give my name for this great deal! Remax Security System

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