Help and Advice in case of flooding

What would you do if your property were flooded? Are you prepared?

Here in Washington we are lucky to have so many beautiful lakes and rivers surrounding us. With that beauty however comes a risk at times with rivers overflowing and threatening homes. Even if you feel you live in a community with a low risk of flooding, remember that anywhere it rains, it can flood.  Just because you haven’t experienced a flood in the past, doesn’t mean you won’t in the future.  Flood risk isn’t just based on history; it’s also based on a number of factors including rainfall , topography, flood-control measures, river-flow and tidal-surge data, and changes due to new construction and development.

Right now its really cold with nice sunny days but we know how fast it changes here. Take a look at these tips and information to help your family prepare in case the worse happens.

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