What’s Happening this weekend?

What’s Happening this weekend?

 This week is just hopping here in Snohomish County!!

7/17- 7/21-Today Kicks off Kla Ha Ya Days in Snohomish for over 100 years this great Summer Family Festival has been around and this year my boys will be marching in the Parade in their Boy Scouts uniform and passing out candy.


7/20 -We have the 2nd Annual Biringer Farm Raspberry Fest and Jam Contest- Can you say nummy and sticky fun?

If your farther up North then the Darrington Bluegrass Festival 7/19- 7/21 might be more to your liking.

Head South and The Chinatown Seafair Parade is this Sunday 7/21/13

Or if you just don’t want to go anywhere and just stay home enjoying the weather at least enjoy some Ice cream after all on the 21st its National Ice Cream Day and July just happens to be National Ice Cream month who could possibly pass that up? Geez and all these years I thought every day was National Ice cream day well you could have fooled me!

Enjoy everyone!

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