Earth Hour with a Prayer

Earth Day

This Evening we reflect with an Earth Hour. It is a reminder that our resources are precious and should always be appreciated. We are asked to honor this by turning all lights out from 8:30-9:30 pm.  Hundreds of homes, offices, and famous landmarks across the world will turn off their lights and remain in the dark for a full hour. This will happen not to try to cut electricity costs for this month, but in order to celebrate.

I am taking this a step further and ask that if you are one of the many that honor this to also, during this time, stop, reflect and say a prayer for the families that are dealing with great pain right now.  I know our Governor asked this of all of us at  10:37 a.m this morning 1 week after the terrible disaster but as we know this has been a very difficult week for Snohomish County and especially the town of OSO and they can use all our prayers and thoughts we can give. We all in this area seem to know someone or someone who knows someone that has been touched by this extreme tragedy. My hope is that all the families involved find the answers they seek and the help they deserve. I am so proud of our county for the show of support and the resolve of pulling together to help a neighbor in need. Lets all give hope and pray that April will be a brighter month.

I think it would be a wonderful gesture and I hope you will join me and spread the word.


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