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Downtown Everett

BUSINESS TIP OF THE WEEK… Successful businesses focus on helping their customers be better off. Thriving companies obsess over quality, service, and creating genuine customer value. DID YOU KNOW?… A new study found that about 20% of homeowners who would benefit from refinancing fail to do so, throwing away an average of approximately $11,500 in savings over the life of their loans. Ouch!

Real Estate

5 foolish mistakes first-time home buyers make

Pet-friendly home features new trend in home construction

14 top design trends in new home construction for 2014

A few things to do for your home this fall

Here is the top 10

10 Fall Home Maintenance Musts

 LOCAL news

Seattle’s Pike Place Market named best Farmer’s Market in America, Tacoma’s is #10

Houseboat made famous in the movie “Sleepless in Seattle” sells for more than $2million

Habitat for Humanity partners to build high performance manufactured home in Bothell

This is huge folks! Port of Everett received first shipment of cement since 2009, evidence of region’s booming building industry I predict downtown Everett not only will be expanding soon but investors are going to start snapping up older homes and remodeling. After all it was only a matter of time and Everett is ready for a change.









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