Halloween Haunts, Juants and Fun

Get Outside This Fall and Winter!Get Outside This Fall and Winter!Get Outside This Fall and Winter!

Its Friday the sun is shining and I have a few windows open! Love these fall days that are still a bit warm but also crisp.

What are you doing this weekend the last one before Halloween?  Have you got your pumpkins yet? Been out at some of the local haunts or corn mazes? If not here is a really neat site that has all things local for all you can see and do. Check out www.pumpkinpatchesandmore.org  Its is everything Halloween and more. Recipe’s, ideas, haunts. Have some fun with it.

After you make plans for the weekend here is some facts to ponder.

Do you ever wonder who makes these so called “National days”?  So for your reading pleasure here is the ones for the rest of October.

The 25th is Chucky, the notorious killer doll day (seriously?)

10/26 is Visit a Cemetery Day

10/29 National Cat Day

10/30 National Candy Corn Day

At least the end of the month is in the Halloween spirit on 10/9 it was national World Egg day.  Ahhh sorry I missed it.

If that made you just shake your head then maybe you need to run out to the Snohomish Brew Fest going on this weekend 10/24-10/25.


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