A True Lease to Own Program!

Would you love to take advantage of the historical interest rates and buy a home? Tired of renting?  Think you can’t buy a home because of a Bankruptcy, Short sale or medical collections and getting tired of the waiting timeline game? First time homebuyer? No down payment yet but want to buy?

I have a True Lease to own program that you need to check out! It may be the perfect program for you and the best part? You pick the home!!

Read on and see if it might be a fit.howitworks

This is mainly a program for families that could qualify to purchase a home but cannot due to an “event” that caused them to go under on a previous home or other extenuating circumstances. Or for those that are saving for the down payment. You can find your home now while the rates are so low and then turn around and purchase or walk away after 1 year.

I went to the training, saw how it works, studied to make sure it was a program I wanted to put my name on and I am happy to say it is and I am so excited to share with you. 

~Snohomish County Homes INC. Owner Jenifer Murrweiss


This is going to be a phenomenal program for first time home buyers, those that have had bankruptcy, medical issues, short sale and possible other issues that have affected your credit and resources for getting a traditional loan.

Home Partners provides responsible households a transparent path to homeownership through its Lease with a Right to Purchase Program. The program provides up to five years of rent certainty with an initial financial commitment of just one year. You pick the home! They pay for the inspection, appraisal everything! They purchase the house with cash so a faster close. You pay the rent and deposit fee and you are in the home you want!

Sound too good to be true? It’s not however, there are guidelines as with any other program. After all no one is going to give you a home if you don’t have a job and/or steady income. They want you to be able to afford the rent and buy the home. You can buy it at any time after you sign the lease even the next month!

Advantages: *Based on qualifying factors.

Qualifications in a nut shell starts at $50,000 a year. With that amount of income it qualifies you for $185,000 a home. This is most likely a difficult price point in our area so the more you make the more of a house you qualify for. The price of the home is based on what you can afford taking a look at your income and debt. The lease price is based on the price of the home. No condos unless fee simple and townhouses can be considered if also fee simple. Another Qualification is you must pick a home in the High School district that Home Partners has deemed as a good investment. After all they want to protect their investment if you don’t end up buying the home.

If this sounds like you and you want to take a look further please check out their website. If you want to pursue and see if you would be approved with no obligation for FREE let me know and I will send you the link. If approved you then will be charged the $75 application fee. Don’t forget to put me down as your agent. Then after approval lets go find you a home!

Below are the two top counties in our area and approved High schools.

Snohomish County

Arlington HS

Cascade HS

Edmonds, Woodway HS

Cascade HS

Glacier Peak HS

Henry M Jackson HS

Kamiak HS

Lake Stevens SR HS

Mariner HS

Monroe, HS

Meadowdale HS

Mount Lake Terrace HS

Snohomish HS

Stanwood HS

King County
Auburn Riverside HS Interlake Senior HS Newport Senior HS
Ballard HS International Comm. School Redmond HS
Bellevue HS Issaquah HS Roosevelt HS
Bothell HS Juanita HS Sammamish Senior HS

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