Are You Ready for the Rainy Season?

Don’t get all wet. Prepare for the rainy season while it’s dry.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

We know. The last thing you are thinking about at the summer barbecue is preparing for the stormy season. But it really is worth taking a look around your house during fair weather, because finding out you have a problem during inclement conditions is at best inconvenient and at worst very costly.

Check your rain gutters.
Clear them out and make sure they are in good working order to prevent damage to the roof or house.

Look at your roof.
If you see loose or damaged shingles, get them repaired. Look for tears and buckling on flashing. Check the chimney and look for damaged bricks, cap or cracked joints. Don’t forget the flashing there too.

Check indoors for signs of roof leaks.
Look for discoloration and peeling paint on ceilings and walls. Check in the attic for damp rafters.

Check the trees.
Trim back branches and cut sections that could fall in a rainstorm.

Check doors and windows.
Make sure there are properly insulated with weather stripping.

Look for water collecting at the base of the house.
Redirect water with trenches or drains.

Keep sandbags on hand.
if your area is prone to flooding, keep them filled and at the ready.

Check for erosion.
This is important if you live near a hillside. Shore them up if necessary.

Most importantly enjoy the fall and all the beauty it holds.

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Have a fun and safe 4th of July! 

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