Are Foreign Buyers Taking Our Homes?

Did you know….

More foreign buyers are seeing attractive opportunities in the U.S. housing market. A National Association of Realtors (NAR) survey revealed that home sales to international buyers were up 24% for the 12 months ending in March. Finally, a Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) survey showed demand for purchase loans was up 13% for the week and up 4% from a year ago. This put it at the highest level in more than six months!

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Do you think it takes away from buyers looking for homes to owner occupy? I am a bit torn on this one. Recently, I have had a few Canadian investors contact me that have cash to buy homes. They want to purchase to rent out. On one hand I welcome the business and realize that for most Bank Owned and HUD homes investors must wait a set amount of time to give owner occupied first preference. On the other hand I worry since our inventory is so low that it will further put a squeeze on the homes available here to first time home buyers and folks relocating here for jobs. I would love to hear your opinion and thoughts?

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