Earth Day Lets Celebrate

Earth Day


Earth Day is tomorrow April 22 and there are many things you can do that are great for the planet and are free or inexpensive for you. They will also help lower your energy bills, saving you money!


Cut your shower each day by 2 minutes Switch your light bulbs to CFL’s
Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth Purchase a programmable thermostat
Turn off lights when you are not in the room Lower your heat at night and while away at work
Carpool or take the bus to work 1 day a week Use reusable bags for grocery shopping
Recycle your food scraps in the yard waste (if available   in your area) or start your own compost bin When you can, try to shop and eat locally.
Pay all your bills online Replace your shower head with one that is low flow
Unplug appliances (coffee maker, toaster, printer etc)   when not in use. When buying new appliances, make sure thy are energy   efficient(not always low cost but it will save you money on your utility   bills)
Rather than drive walk to dinner at your local restaurant   (weather permitting of course) Purchase products that use minimal packaging
  Buy compostable trash bags for kitchen waste.
  Buy biodegradable products (cups, napkins, plates, etc)


This one is a bit of Beauty, Green tips and household all rolled into one. When you have fine particles and you need to strain them in a colander cut off a piece of old clean (of course) pantyhose (yes, pantyhose!) secure them over the bowl or cup to make a sieve, and flip it over to strain. I know it sounds weird but it works great!

Here’s one more nylon tip. If you run out of Swiffer pads use a pair of nylons! Preferably an old pair just cut them and put it over your swiffer pad. Works Great on the floors and really picks up the fuzz and dog hair! Or if you don’t have nylons around the house those chenille socks at the dollar store also work great!

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