Why Pay A Real Estate Commission??


Considering selling your home by yourself?

Is it worth it?

Only the home owner can answer that question but experience has shown that many for-sale-by-owners find that it’s not. Before making a costly mistake plus an astronomical amount of time and wasted energy consider the benefits, from A to Z, you receive from working with a Real Estate Professional:

Advertising– We have proven marketing strategies to get you the best exposure and your agent should be rocking out the info on your home non-stop.

Bargain– research shows that 77% of sellers felt their commission was “well spent.” For the other 33% I say they should have gotten another agent.  We must work for you to reach a common goal for all! Look I don’t get paid if I don’t do my job and sell your house period. So why would I not want to do my best?

Contract Writing– An agent can supply the standard forms that are written by lawyers to protect all parties in the transaction which in turn speeds things up. If you sell by yourself you need to hire a lawyer to draw up the docs. How much does that cost?

Details– There is millions of them trust me. An agent frees you from handling the many details of selling a home. Getting an offer is the easy part holding the transaction together after  is where the details really count.

Experience and Expertise– In marketing, financing, negotiation and more.  If your agent does not get another one!

Financial Know How– An agent is aware of the many options for financing a sale and can make sure you home qualifies for as many as possible to open up the buyer pool.

Glossary- A real estate professional understands, and can explain, real estate lingo

Homework- Agents are informed through research and experience, an agent will know  your market and the areas they work in daily.

Information– If you have a real estate question and agent will know (or can get the answer)

Juggle showings– We agents handle all showings and the 10 phone calls of anxious buyers who want to be the first one to get in and see.

Keep your best Interests in mind– It’s our job! Selling you home is emotional and you need to trust your agent with information to help them help you.

Laws– A real Estate professional will be up-to-date in real estate laws that affect you.

Multiple Listing Service– Our number one tool to get your home out there to over 5,000 agents with potential buyers. Bringing you both together.

Negotiation– An agent can handles all price and contract negotiations.

Open Houses– A popular marketing technique that gives you exposure.

Prospects– Our network is huge and with reverse prospecting we know what other agents are looking for.  In turn helping to produce potential buyers.

Qualified Buyers– You don’t need any looky-loos you need Pre-approved buyers period or if cash proof of funds. We make sure that is the case.

Realtor- An agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors and subscribe to a strict code of ethics.

Suggested Price– An agent will do a market analysis to establish a fair price range. I also go a step further and visit other for sale properties in the area to for competition and how we can stand out from the crowd.

Time- How much time are you willing to put into selling on your own? Believe me it can be huge and its one of the most valuable resources that an agent can provide.

Unbiased Opinion– Most owners are too emotional about their home to be objective. Of course they are!  They have lived there, raised their kids, remodeled and have many memories. Someone wanting to buy your home has none of that and honestly does not care. It’s what is in it for them and if it fits their needs. This is one of the hardest thing a home-owner needs to do is emotionally remove themselves from their home. Stand back and look at it from stranger’s eyes. Not an easy task!

VIP– That’s how you will be treated by your agent and if not get another one!  No excuse… period.

Wisdom- A knowledgeable agent can offer the wisdom that comes with experience.

X Marks the spot– An agent is right there with you through the final signing of papers and can help you coordinate moving plus so many things you may have never thought about.

Zero-Hour Support– We are there to support you!

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