Weigh The Options. For Sale By Owner VS. Realtor

th_templatemo_big_1Do you know how to prepare your home for sale?

An agent can make educated suggestions based on past experience that will aid in a professional presentation of your home.

Are you knowledgeable in setting the right price for your home?
An agent has specialized training and the ability to formulate a comparative market analysis to price your home competitively. A Realtor is aware of changing market conditions and will price your home accordingly with optimum value in mind.

Do You Know The Most Effective Way To Advertise?
Choosing and agent will gain exposure to a network of over 5,000 agents, many with prospective buyers in waiting. This is the most important reason to have an agent on your side who knows all the best marketing platforms to gain you the most exposure. In addition, advertising including signs and multimedia will be managed by your real estate professional and is included with your listing.

Are you prepared to qualify a legitimate buyer? Or waste your time with lookey-loos.
1. Are they financially able to purchase your home?
2. Are they truly interested or on a sight-seeing tour?
Do you have the ability to negotiate the sale?
An agent has no emotional ties with the property and can handle objections on a more neutral basis. Fielding objections on price, terms, and amenities and handling them effectively is part of the training agents receive. You are emotionally vested in your home and that is normal. A prospective buyer is not and this can be the hardest part.
Are you prepared to field all the calls and make time to set and keep all appointments?
An agent will receive most of the calls and will schedule appointments accordingly. Unless you like knocks on your door out of the blue?

Do you understand the steps that take place after an agreement has been reached?
An agent will prepare a sales agreement that’s enforceable with forms that were written by lawyers. Why pay a lawyer separate to do the same thing? An agent understands closing costs and the process of title and escrow. We monitor the escrow process and follow the title exchange, recording and funding to transfer the home to the new buyer.

Before choosing to sell your home on your own, please weigh these questions and answers.

I take pride in my chosen career and my sellers and buyers are important to me. I make sure they are satisfied and always go the extra mile with solutions not promises.  With my proven techniques, great team and the “easy exit listing” why would you do it on your own.
So sit back and relax and leave the process to me!


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